And LL Said, Let There Be Windlight…

And there was Windlight.

And Erbo saw it, and it was good.

Windlight 1 - Evans Family Compound
Windlight 2 - Evans Family Compound
Windlight 3 - Evans Family Compound
Windlight 4 - Evans Family Compound
Windlight 5 - Evans Family Compound
Windlight 6 - Ordinal Enterprises at The Lighthouse, Caledon
Windlight 7 - Ordinal Enterprises at The Lighthouse, Caledon
Windlight 8 - The Shelter, Isabel
Windlight 9 - The Dancing Tree, Kula
Windlight 10 - The (newly-remodeled) Gin Rummy

And when I say “good,” I mean “farking awesome.” šŸ™‚

(See the originals as part of my Snapzilla collection.)



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3 responses to “And LL Said, Let There Be Windlight…

  1. Simondo Nebestanka

    Agreed Erbo… it is “farking awesome”!!

    Nice pics.. I followed the link here from Torley’s blog. Shame about the negative comments there.. I guess WindLight will make some things look different to the original designers’ wishes, but I’m pretty sure a combination of future viewer updates and a little tweaking by content creators will solve those issues.


  2. I imagine it should be possible to set the Windlight lighting to a “neutral” setting that would give designers optimum lighting for evaluating their colors and textures. But it’ll just be one of those things that they’ll have to look at in future, especially for items intended to be used outdoors.

    People will adapt to this, the same way they adapted to flexiprims and are in the process of adapting to sculpties.

    I was struck by the way the quality of light changes with the simulated time of day. The first pic (the Evans Family Compound with Coastal Sunset preset) and the sixth (the Ordinal Enterprises Lighthouse with Coastal Afternoon preset) are the most striking of this set in this regard, IMHO.

  3. Simondo Nebestanka

    Yes you’re absolutely right about adapting to this.. and it won’t be that hard.

    And yes the way things look at the different times of day just blew me away. I have my ‘view distance’ set to 128m and things always looked say ‘adequate’ off in the distance.. with the WindLight thingie, I experienced the most beautiful ‘sunrise’ just after logging on yesterday.. similar to your pic 7 “Ordinal Enterprises Caledon” with the foggy damp feel, but with the sun kind of forcing its way through eventually, and everything off in the distance looking just perfect.

    All of a sudden we have regular, non-post-processed screen shots from the viewer that look as good as some of the best pics around which have heavy doses of post-processing. It’s a beautiful thing.

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