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New Blog Image
Danielle makes over her blog whenever she gets the urge to. I don’t tend to do the same to mine, but, after all this time, I felt it needed a touch of the new, so I replaced the SignMaker signs with a new image, photographed right here in Second Life.

The venue for the photography was the build pad over the Evans Family Compound, 450 meters in the air, above Aphrodisia sim. The pad actually has fences around the edges, but I temporarily moved those down 10 meters for the shot, as well as doubling the size of the pad to create a decent enough horizon. On the pad, which is textured with a “green grass” surface, I built 60 meters of roadway from Linden library textures.

The exit sign was done with textures captured from SignMaker as before, but I carved the image up into two pieces: the main sign body, and the smaller “Exit 203” sign atop it. These went on 2 prims, joined to a third (the signpost) and set along the side of the road.

The car is, of course, a Dominus Shadow, which I recently acquired through the good graces of Lynx Wilder. In the turquoise color, it reminds my wife of a Camaro her former fiancee (alas deceased) owned. I, of course, got behind the wheel of the car, attired, as is my usual wont these days, in my black Blaze Power Suit.

Lastly, there is the sky, which looks a lot more interesting these days if you use the First Look viewer with Windlight, as I’ve demonstrated. I put the sky into “Coastal Afternoon” preset and waited for some good cloud formations to come along before taking the image as a bitmap.

Post-processing, in The GIMP, consisted solely of cropping and resizing the appropriate part of the bitmap to fit the space for it in the WordPress template, and adding the text to the image. I used the Trebuchet font, which is one I favor for a lot of my Gin Rummy signage, and used layering to create a cool drop shadow effect.

There’s something very classy-looking about the new image…it looks half like The Road Ahead, half like a car ad. I hope you like it.


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  1. Something you can also do is locate the TrueType fonts in the Second Life program directory and use those, which is what I did on my blog’s front page (the “meeting of first and second lives” text is done with Second Life’s own program font).

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