Position Paper

My fellow Residents, I realize you want to make sure you’ll be voting for the right candidate on July 1 when you name the next Governor of Second Life.  Here’s a summary of my positions on the issues of the day.

  • Government Corruption – I pledge to you that an Evans Administration will stand for a government based on the principles of common sense and fairness for all. I believe in equal rights for all, and special privileges for none.
  • Freedom of Speech – As your Governor, I will launch an immediate investigation into all bannings from forums, blogs, etc., that appear to be “politically motivated.”  You do not foster a “marketplace of ideas” by banning the speech of those you disagree with.  The answer to “bad” speech is more speech.
  • Justice – I pledge a reform of the justice system in SL, to a system where justice will not only be done, it will be seen to be done.  There will be no more “star chamber” proceedings, no more Abuse Reports that disappear into a black hole. We will establish clearly defined principles of justice, based, as always, on common sense and fairness, and these principles will be open and accessible to all.  It is a basic truism that one must always be able to tell if one’s own actions are violating the law; we will make that truism a reality.
  • The Economy – Second Life is in a better shape economically than it has ever been before, with a highly-stable L$ exchange rate and solid quarter-over-quarter growth.  This will continue under an Evans Administration.  We will maintain a laissez-faire policy towards the business community, which will allow them to reap the rewards of their efforts without government interference.  We will pledge greater support for intellectual property rights, to protect their hard work.
  • Property Rights – It has long been accepted as a part of common law that “a man’s home is his castle.” This should be true in Second Life as well.  All Residents should be able to defend their property against incursion or misuse by others.  No avatar shall be deprived of their property without due process of law.
  • Foreign Relations – The greatest threat Second Life faces is an imposition of rules set in law from the outside, by ham-fisted RL government entities who see the hobbling of our freedoms as a way to score political points.  To that end, as Governor, I will pledge cooperation in the rooting out of deplorable criminals, such as pedophiles, to prove to the RL apparatchiks that we are capable of policing ourselves, and no expenditure of effort on their part is necessary.  At the same time, I will carry on the fight to help preserve our way of life and keep outside forces from interfering.
  • Newbie Outreach – Newbies, quite literally, are our future.  They deserve all the assistance they need and want to make their Second Lives successful.  We have many fine organizations, such as The Shelter and NCI, devoted to the assistance of newbies.  As your Governor, I will pledge increased support for these organizations, so that they may maintain and even expand their operations in support of their mission, even as the influx of newbies continues to grow.  We will not be giving them a “hand out,” but rather, a “hand up”–to turn them into solid, upstanding Residents, rather than griefers.
  • Government Outreach and Feedback – As your Governor, I will not sit in an ivory tower and ignore the opinions of my fellow Residents, many of whom are highly intelligent.  We will hold regular outreach meetings where Residents may provide feedback and have their questions answered.  And we will work to encourage participation in the community governance at all levels, training people in our ethos of common sense and fairness.  If we can do that, then, when I step down from this office in favor of my successor, no matter who that person is, I will know that the government of Second Life is in good hands.

And remember, Residents, you can believe me, because I’m always right, and I never lie!

Thank you, God bless you, and God bless Second Life.



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14 responses to “Position Paper

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  2. You may be shocked to learn that I actually agree with a few of your points.

  3. Did I say you didn’t? I imagine that several of my worthy opponents will agree with at least some of my points. I shall also have to run on my superior track record as a virtual community manager, software expert, and SL business owner, to get the votes to win.

  4. You know, you cannot hope to win against Science.

  5. Madam, far from prevailing against Science, I intend to prevail with the assistance of Science. I am certainly well-known as a Patron of the Sciences and Useful Arts, and an occasional dabbler in the field myself. My platform emphasizes the rights of Inventors and Designers, much as yourself, to retain ownership of their creations, without being stolen by blackguards with Copy-Bots and the like. This applies whether said Inventors and Designers choose to purvey their resulting wares for all the traffic will bear, or bestow them gratis upon all and sundry. Economic Freedom is a concept quite near and dear to my heart as well.

  6. So Erbo, Economic Freedom? Then where do you stand in the discussion about the Agent Case stuff being sold now?

  7. It is my position and the position of the campaign that selling items available elsewhere for free is a deplorable attempt to profit from the ignorance of the average Resident. However, it is my belief that a legalistic approach is too heavy of a hammer to wield in this instance. Rather, the people caught selling freebies should be publically “named and shamed.” In addition, a businessperson who profits by selling freebies may be engaged in other less-than-honorable conduct as well, so further investigation may be called for.

  8. I do not agree on this. Opposed to in Other World, it lays within Second Life’s nature that the stock of this good is endless. Combining the fact that the creator of the good gives itselfs does not put a ‘value’ upon the itam and that there’s an endless supply, this brings brings the monetary value of the good down to zero. The Grid Democracy party sees as charging for such goods if no value is added to them through change of the item as a fraudulent act. Creators will be giving the option to mark their items as ‘of no value’. The residents will be given to power to check for ‘item value’ when checking an objects properties, which will show them the percentage of ‘no value’ contect. As we speak myy staff is working on a complex algorithm which will determine the amount in which scripts, prims and textures will count in relation to the total value.

    Vint Falken, candidate for the Grid Democracy party.

  9. So, we are in agreement that the selling of items available for free is an act of fraud. The difference is merely in the details.

    Your complex system of marking object components as “valueless” would seem to have a flaw: is there not value added by the process of assembling objects into a larger whole? So might even an object composed entirely of “valueless” components, nevertheless, have value?

    Far simpler just to answer this question: Is the same item, that Alice is selling for some amount of L$, available for free elsewhere? If the answer is “yes,” then Alice is guilty of fraud and should be “named and shamed” as such. (Unless, of course, the original creator released the object for free after Alice acquired it, and Alice was unaware of that fact.)

  10. Hmmm. So we should just – amongst other measurements – reinstate rating? =d

  11. I would say yes, but experience has shown that ratings are too easily gamed. Accusations of this nature should be verified by several independent parties, if possible. If someone is really selling freebies, the verification process shouldn’t be difficult for people to repeat once it’s been done the first time.

  12. So why can our administrations not be the ‘independent partie’?

  13. Party, I beg forgiveness.

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