A Party Is Born


Contact: SLGOP/Evans for Governor 2007 Headquarters, Aphrodisia, Fantasyland, Second Life

June 9, 2007


The Evans for Governor 2007 campaign announced today the formation, under applicable election law, of a political party which will represent its interests. This party has been designated the “Second Life Grand Old Party,” or SLGOP for short.

“The name is intended to reflect our focus on classical liberal values in our campaign platform,” explained candidate Erbo Evans at a press conference earlier today. “Our values are something of a throwback to an earlier time, as reflected in our party mascot, the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur.”

Along with the announcement of a new name, the SLGOP announced that it is curently looking for precinct workers to spread the message of the Evans campaign across the sims of Second Life.

“They need to, like, talk to us and stuff, ‘cos, like, we’re all, omigod! We totally need the help!” said party spokeswoman Fiona Torricelli. She added, “Oh, wait a minute, hang on,” and promptly vanished. Further investigation revealed that there had been an announcement of a sale at Casa del Shai at that exact moment.

Interested persons are advised to contact the SLGOP campaign office as soon as possible.

– 30 –

Disclaimer: There is no SLGOP. There is no election. This is all in your head. Any minute now, you’re going to wake up in the shower with Bobby Ewing.


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