Odd Lots

I’m taking a breather from campaign-related posts for a minute to just talk about a couple of things on my mind.

First of all, congratulations to Chelle and Danielle for scoring a couple of the DJ slots at the Second Life Community Convention.  I don’t know whether these will be RL performances, SL performances, or both, but they should both be well-suited to the task.  Of course, my name’s not on the list…but that’s because I didn’t ask.  Due to one thing and another, my real life is going to be absolutely insane until at least mid-August, so I haven’t been particularly looking for DJ work anywhere, as I’ll be spread thin enough as it is.  (The campaign isn’t helping…but it doesn’t take up that much of my attention, and it should be over soon enough anyhow.)

Second, I was over at Mars Japanese Gardens with Tateru and others on Saturday night, and the talk had turned to whether SL culture was fragmenting.  She said, “How many newbies know who Anshe is? Or Prok? Or me? Or Erbo?”  Well, let me tell you, that was a bit surprising! I hardly expected to find myself in the same chat line with Anshe Chung, Prokofy Neva, and Tateru Nino…unless it was a sentence beginning something like “Erbo Evans, unlike major SL personalities such as Anshe Chung, Prokofy Neva, or Tateru Nino…” 🙂  I know who the little fish in that pond is, that’s for sure.  I mean, look:

  • Anshe got to be where she is by getting in early, realizing the commercial potential of SL, and moving to exploit it, building up an empire over time in “Ben & Jerry’s” fashion.  It’s a feat that’s unlikely to be repeated.
  • Prokofy’s “fame,” such as it is, is more like “notoriety,” whether that label is rightly or wrongly applied.  Yet, in a very real sense, “it doesn’t matter what [the press] say[s] about you, as long as they spell your name right,” and I am also reminded of the statement about Howard Stern, that his detractors actually spent more time listening to him on a daily basis than his fans did…and both groups cited the same reason most often: “to hear what he’ll say next.”
  • You can ask Tateru why she’s so famous, and she’ll tell you that she doesn’t know.  However, one can’t argue with the evidence.  I’m forced to conclude that she must be doing something right, something that people like, regardless of what it actually is or whether she knows it.
  • And me?  Whatever fame or notoriety I’ve garnered, I’ve had to work for.  No one promised me a bed of roses, and I never came in expecting one.  My previous community experience definitely comes in handy when attempting to grasp SL, but there’s really been no substitute for planting my virtual feet on the Grid and getting my avatar’s hands dirty actually doing things, seeing things, and living the Second Life lifestyle.  Again, I’m left to wonder how things would have turned out if I had been able to upgrade my computer system to be capable of running SL, say, a year earlier…

Perhaps, one day, I will deserve that pride of place…and people will be reading about me in the next edition of the Official SL Guide.  But I’m not concerned about that now.  Hell, just surviving the next couple of months will be daunting enough.



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7 responses to “Odd Lots

  1. Second Life may be a big pond now but you, Prokofy, Tateru and Anshe are still known within that pond. I know of you and others in your “class” from the blogs and your own reputations that proceed you throughout SL. All of you blaze various trails which us “newbies” then follow. “Whatever” you are doing, keep doing it!

    BTW, I am not voting for you in the non election that we are not having. Please tell me where your Campaign Headquarters is not located so I can not visit. {:o)

  2. Thanks for your lack of support, Cherowolf! If you’re going to not visit anyplace, though, I’d suggest not visiting the Gin Rummy. Especially try not to visit during our nightly events, 8-10 PM SLT (except Wednesday). Danielle and I certainly won’t appreciate it! 🙂

  3. I love not doing things, please don’t count me in!

  4. Prokofy Neva

    “but there’s really been no substitute for planting my virtual feet on the Grid and getting my avatar’s hands dirty actually doing things, seeing things, and living the Second Life lifestyle.”

    Oh, stow it, Erbo, you’re just meming various memes here.

    First, there’s Gwyn Llewelyn’s beloved meme, shared by her blog buddy Tateru, that as SL grows — wow, 7 million people! *cough* — that those of us with fame or notoriety now will fade away — merely through the scientific law of “dilution”. So, according to that logic, Mayor Bloomberg becomes less and less recognizable on the street with every new baby born in New York City, and soon, with all these immigrants pouring in the door, who will ever remember John Lennon? And so forth. It’s silly, of course, once you realize that some people like me, are homeopathic, a little drop, and it goes a long way.

    Gwyn fevervently *wishes* this were true, because it’s tough, staying au courant and visible and relevant to the masses, but God knows, she tries, with her roupor, Hamlet nee Linden Au and other Lindens.

    Your notion of how I got to be well known is terribly skewed, and based on simple lack of knowledge of what I do all day. I run a rentals company. So there are thousands and thousands of newbies and midbies and olbies renting homes and land and shops from me, and while only a likely small proportion read my blog, I probably get more readers that way. I also make it a point to attend meetings, hold meetings, read everything I can, post everywhere, etc. because I have very passionately-held ideas and ideals for SL. And that isn’t just sitting back and being somehow “notorious” for crabbing on a blog — it’s hard work. It’s thinking constantly, and putting out ideas.

    So how has Tateru become “famous”. Well, again, she had the same roupor as Gwyn — Hamlet, House Organist (no accident, comrade, that he pre-emptively banned me from his independent MOU-sponsored blog, but yet never banned me from his LL-sponsored blog because he had no *cause*).

    Tateru used to work the orientation islands — so she, too, saw hundreds of thousands of newbies, and they even formed fan groups and looked to her as a guru. It was that position that led Aimee Weber to park her at the visible helm of the SL Insider, because Aimee herself sure as hell wasn’t going to be getting her hands dirty going out and attending all sorts of laggy and blingy events, so she put the earnest and erstwhile Tateru to work. I could say a lot more about Tateru — or a lot less. A lot less might be fitting with the mediocre quality of the Blingsider.

    Anshe — you’re also forgetting — has 1,200 or so high-end island customers paying huge amounts of money renting some 550 islands in Second Life. That kind of huge presence physically on the grid, that kind of constant customer attention, staff — world creation — gives you visibility, for better or worse. So it’s not about any sort of “exploitation”. It’s about HARD WORK.

    You’re imagining that only you do hard work, and that only you get your hands dirty.

    I have just the movie for you, courtesy of Scoble, and he should know:

  5. Did you hear me say that no one else worked, Prok? I have no doubt that you’ve worked your tail off to build what you have. Ditto Anshe–actually, in her case, more like “doubled and redoubled, in spades.” And I’m not going to argue that mentoring a bunch of newbies, like Tateru did, isn’t work; Danielle is also a Mentor, and I hear enough about it from her.

    But, at the same time, you, and they, have also been in the right places at the right times, gotten the right breaks, and ridden them for all they were worth. I don’t see those kind of breaks coming my way…which leads me to wonder if I got here too late to get them. (Hence my comment about “what if I’d built this upgraded machine a year earlier?”) It wouldn’t surprise me–I didn’t get rich off the dot-com boom of the late 90’s either.

    I’m not crying about it; quite the contrary, I’m shocked and amazed by what little recognition I do have. So you’re reading me all wrong here, dude. 🙂

    Of course, with things as nutty as they are in my RL, I probably can’t devote the same attention to SL that you can…perhaps that’ll change once some things calm down that direction.

  6. Oh, one more note…you misinterpreted what that pullquote was applying to. When I said “but there’s really been no substitute for planting my virtual feet on the Grid and getting my avatar’s hands dirty actually doing things, seeing things, and living the Second Life lifestyle,” that was in the context of “in order to understand SL.” It’s kind of like, you can read all you like about scuba-diving, but, to really understand it, you actually have to pull on the wetsuit, strap on the tanks, and jump off the edge of the boat. Similarly, I could look at the pretty pictures and read the blogs about SL all I liked, but there was no way I was really going to Get It without being there.

  7. Chelle

    Thanks Erbo 🙂 Oh yeah, I quit reading after anything pertaining to me stopped… LOL j/k

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