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Contact: SLGOP/Erbo Evans for Governor 2007 Campaign, Aphrodisia, Fantasyland, Second Life

June 11, 2007


The Evans campaign today visited the site of the now-closed Desire Gentlemen’s Club in Dryas on the mainland. The club, once home to some of Second Life’s top dancers and escorts, now stands, a hollow shell, walled up by plywood prims.

“This club once provided employment to three dozen young ladies, struggling to make a better future for themselves,” said Erbo Evans, Candidate for SL Governor, in a speech delivered onsite. “And now these poor young women have been thrown out of work. And why is that? We of the SLGOP believe that it was due to the deliberate ambiguity fostered by the statements made a week and a half ago by Administration spokesman Daniel Linden.”

“This Administration does not realize, in the making of its ivory-tower pronouncements, that it is toying with the very livelihoods of Residents,” continued Evans. “An arbitrary and capricious policy on the part of the government does not make for a stable business environment! We of the SLGOP are committed to open government, open justice, and open rules that are clear and easy to follow for everyone!”

In response to a shouted question from a reporter in the audience about whether he had patronized this establishment, Evans referred the question to his campaign manager, Danielle Ferguson. The reporter quickly muttered “never mind” and teleported away.

Persons interested in joining the SLGOP and the Evans campaign are invited to search for the in-world group “Second Life Grand Old Party,” which is free to join.

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3 responses to “Campaign Stop

  1. Mr Evans

    Regarding the “flea powder phone call”, thank you for bringing Mr Talamasca’s duplicity to light. I must say I was rather shocked when my staff initially told me that the call had been traced to your offices. I had you pegged as the safe, risk averse, conservative, “black double-breasted Power Suit with turquoise tie” wearing candidate, without the imagination to involve yourself in such underhand tactics.

    Thank you for proving me right.

    You’ll have to excuse this brief note. I have been out on the campaign trail, putting a great deal of boot leather on the road (and skirt leather in front of the cameras), but there is no rest for the wicked. I have another function to attend at my residence.

    No doubt our paths will cross again.

    (Your Governess)

  2. Thnak you, Ms. Flintoff. It’s not so much an issue of “lack of imagination” in my lack of desire to engage in underhanded tactics, it’s the presence of scruples. (Yeah, an honest politician…who’d’a thunk it? 🙂

  3. -laugh- Never thought Desire would be a political backdrop for anything. Don’t even know what all this election stuff is about. But it’s nice to know people still remember it and it touched some hearts. It makes Charisma and myself very happy to hear.

    Bane Darrow

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