Happy Rezday, Danielle!

Danielle on her Throne
A year ago today, Danielle first ventured into Second Life. And thus began her quest for total Grid domination. 🙂

Ever since I’ve known Danielle, she’s been a real pleasure for me to know. I’ve seen her evolve from her initial, whitebread-redhead look to her present style, which is both true to her RL self and as unique as you’d expect of a sophisticated Resident. I’ve seen, and helped, her business venture, the Gin Rummy, withstand every challenge and grow from a tiny club nestled in the mountaintops of Perizoma to the huge, ornate building it occupies today in Joie sim. I’ve done my best to help her through crises in both Second Life and First Life. And I’m very glad to have her as a friend.

Happy rezday, Danielle. You deserve only the best!

. . . .

On a side note, I’d also like to welcome Vint Falken to the elite Evans Avenue Exit blogroll. Earlier today, she fulfilled the “in-world meeting” requirement for the listing when she visited the Evans Family Compound for a conference regading the SLelections. She’s a photographer, a socialite, and a driving force behind the SL Bloggers group (of which your humble reporter is now a member). She’s also a neko, like Danielle (I seem to be running into a bunch of them recently!), which suggested the title I have given her: “The Social Feline.”



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3 responses to “Happy Rezday, Danielle!


  2. Wow, congrats all around!

    I can’t tell, is Danielle happy in that photo? She definitely looks ready for total grid domination, that much is for certain. How does one go about getting on her good side, by the way, you know, just in case she ever succeeds? 😉

    Woohoo, Vint passed the in-world meeting requirement! I wonder if keeping her finger on the safety of her SOCOM strapped to her thigh helped influence the outcome any…. heh.

    Whoa, there is an Evans Family Compound?? Cool! That I gotta see. I know someone who works on staff at The Inside Scoop® who I bet can get me a closer look… I’ve always wanted a compound. Probably why you’re running for Governor and I’m still an SL slacker. 😉

  3. She was indeed happy, Wrath; we had showered her with gifts, including the Mistress Throne she was sitting on in that picture, complete with 2 poseballs for her subs to use. (Hey, a good way to get on her good side right now would be to find her a new male sub…preferably a vampire.)

    Vint was a very nice houseguest, thank you. She and I just sat on the couch in the living room and discussed SLelection-related stuff. (And I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to the blogger meetup afterwards, but we had the evening’s GR event to put on, and then I wanted to catch Tateru’s office hours over at the Mars Japanese Gardens. Maybe next time, if I learn about it with enough advance warning…)

    The Evans Family Compound was established last November, on nearly 10,000 square meters of land in Aphrodisia. (Part of the Fantasyland group. If you’re looking for land, I can definitely recommend dealing with them; they’re honest and nice people, and they’ve been growing like gangbusters recently.) The compound consists of a main 3-story house, a black marble pool, a separate guest house, and ancillary structures. (Hmm, it’d be perfect for a future blogger meetup…it even has its own private dance floor.)

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