A Clear Indication

Since there has already been some confusion on this issue, we at SLGOP thought we would remind everyone:

Campaign Poster #4

Disclaimer: Yeah, the standard stuff at this point. And I had to “borrow” a few snipped images for this one…



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3 responses to “A Clear Indication

  1. Some details on the borrowed images:

    Furvert and Gorean Master appear courtesy of Tateru Nino. Prokofy Neva appears courtesy of himself. Jack Thompson appears courtesy of whoever vidcapped his picture and slapped it on a fake Magic: The Gathering card I found via Google Image Search… 🙂

  2. So that is what the Prok thing looks like. I always thought it was female!

  3. Prok’s RL self is female, as I understand it’s been amply documented elsewhere, Vint. However, it is my practice on Evans Avenue Exit to always refer to SL avatars as the gender they present in-world, therefore Prok is a “he.” Similarly, Torley Linden is a “she” even though Torley’s RL self is male (as has also been amply documented).

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