Oh, And Before I Forget…

The other night, as I was kicking back on the lawn at Mars Japanese Gardens, at the feet of the incomparable Tateru Nino (who, incidentally, is being incredibly generous with her time in holding “office hours”), who should show up but Hamlet Au, her sometime boss/supervising editor and a top SL blogger in his own right.  By my admittedly-somewhat-eccentric rules (documented here, incidentally), I can now add his blog, New World Notes, to the Evans Avenue Exit blogroll.

There is little I could say about Hamlet–indeed, little that I would feel myself even qualified to say–that hasn’t already been said about him, and can’t easily be found out through NWN itself.  But it’s not stretching the truth to say that his writings were one of the things that helped draw me into SL.  So were Tateru’s, for that matter.  However, I believe that it was NWN that originally pointed me to Dwell On It.  The sequence, as I recall, led me from the SL website itself, to NWN, to Dwell On It, and thence to blogs such as MeraTalk and An Engine Fit For My Proceeding.  (And I suppose, from there, to Newegg.com for hardware and OS upgrades. 🙂 )

Yes, I know that NWN is a semi-group blog these days, with contributions from other people, such as Tateru.  But I tend to file those blogs under the name of the person that seems to be their “primary owner,” which, in this case, is Hamlet.  (Similarly, I generally file Boing Boing under “Cory Doctorow” and Eternity Road under “Francis W. Porretto.”  Only in cases where a blog has no primary owner, or more than one, will I simply omit the author name, as is the case with Discarded Lies, and, for that matter, the Grand Unified Linden Blog.)


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