Our Most Persuasive Argument

With the SLelections coming very soon now, it’s time to bring out the really persuasive argument….

Campaign Poster #5

Thanks to Danielle Ferguson, Campaign Manager, for the pose. Guns by Desert Eagle. Car by Dominus. Attitude is 100% Danielle. 🙂

UPDATE: Danielle clarifies that this message is no idle threat…while Tyffany Flintoff accuses us of stealing her ideas.  Hogwash!  We had no a priori knowledge of her poster design prior to releasing ours.



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5 responses to “Our Most Persuasive Argument

  1. Mr Evans

    Frankly I’m surprised you could stoop so low. My formal response may be found on my campaign blog.

    (Your Governess)

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  4. oh… and you think your car is BIG???
    see my bus and we compare who should be governor here!

  5. Nope don’t think my car is big. It’s just my car. 😀

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