Two For The ‘Roll

Aside from being “information straight from the firehose” about SL and a variety of unrelated topics, Tateru‘s office hours have afforded me the opportunity to encounter a number of other folks with blogs in-world. I’ve already mentioned Hamlet Au and his New World Notes, but I have a couple more to give a shout-out to now.

First up is Patchouli Woollahra, most often seen as either a blue cat or someone who looks elfin to my eyes. She’s another Aussie, and her involvement in SL runs the gamut from mentorin to building and scripting to instruction to just having fun. Her tagline shall, hence, be “The Fun-Loving Kitten.” (I know a lot of fun-loving kittens these days…including Danielle herself. She has different ideas about “fun,” though. 🙂 )

Second is moo Money, one of the other bloggers on Second Life Insider, who is noted for her involvement in machinima, as Community Manager of Alt-Zoom Studios. (That’s a fascinating field…if I weren’t so busy with other stuff, I might look into that, too.) This led to an obvious choice of tagline for her, which was, of course, inspired by Gloria Swanson’s famous line from the end of Sunset Boulevard. I knew that Film Studies course I took in college would come in handy someday! She’s also one of the few adults who has access to the Teen Grid, after having passed LL’s background check (only slightly less rigorous than “Yankee White“), and she gave us the “inside scoop” on what it’s like over there. Without getting into details, let’s just say it brought the Star Trek Original Series episode “Miri” to mind. Or perhaps the “Wacky Molestation Adventure” episode of South Park

And thus does the mighty Evans Avenue Exit blogroll become even more complete.


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