Election Day

My fellow Residents, today is SLelection Day.  On this day, you will decide who governs your Grid for the next four years.  Democracy is an awesome responsibility, and I urge you to choose wisely.

And we of the SLGOP believe that only one choice in these elections makes any sense: Erbo Evans for Governor.

Ballot marked for Erbo

Despite the many attacks we have endured in the press, despite the dirty tricks being played by certain skeletal candidates who shall remain nameless, the facts still remain:

  • Only Erbo Evans has a comprehensive program for the defense, improvement,  and betterment of Second Life.
  • Only Erbo Evans has the proven experience to execute on any plan for the improvement of Second Life.
  • Only Erbo Evans recognizes the true enemies of Second Life…and will do the utmost to combat these enemies without restricting the freedoms that Residents hold dear.

Don’t waste your precious vote on wannabe-dictators, weak candidates who cannot stand up to the outside threat, or candidates that don’t even bother to show up!  Vote Erbo Evans for Governor!

I’m Erbo Evans, and I approve this message.


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One response to “Election Day

  1. Like. Whatever! Vote Vint, and let’s get this SLelections over with! Oh… I ment… SLelections are important! So weigh your vote carefully, and then give it to the Grid Democracy Party’s Vint Falken.

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