Reaction from the Evans Camp

The following is taken from a media statement made by Erbo Evans, Candidate for SL Governor, to Grid News Network (GNN) and other major media outlets, on this date:

Screen Cap from GNN (Grid News Network)

My fellow Residents, it appears that this election process is not all that it was cracked up to be. However, let it not be said that we of the SLGOP are sore losers; we accept the verdict rendered by the citizenry, no matter our own personal feelings about it.  We congratulate Philip Linden on his re-election as SL Governor, and pledge our assistance to him in any way necessary to help preserve, protect, and defend Second Life.

It’s been a long, hard campaign, and all those of you listening know how much I have appreciated your support.  My thanks go out especially to Campaign Manager Danielle Ferguson, Party Spokeswoman Fiona Torricelli, and the tireless precinct workers of the Second Life Grand Old Party.  I send commendations to my opponents in the race; you are all truly an elite group, and it’s been my pleasure and privilege to work both with you and against you in this race.

Friends, the campaign ends, but the fight must continue.  The enemies of Second Life are still waiting in the wings, ready to swoop down on us and stifle the freedom of expression we hold so dear.  We must maintain constant vigilance against these dark forces, in order that our new world will survive and carry us forward into the future.  If Providence does not forbid, I shall not hold myself aloof from this struggle.  I trust you will all carry on the fight, each in your own fashion.

Thank you, good night, God bless you, and God bless Second Life!

Disclaimer: Yeah, yeah, it’s all satire, still.  And now’s the end of it…but I’ll likely make one more post where I “break the fourth wall” and let you in on how this all came together.



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2 responses to “Reaction from the Evans Camp

  1. Fairly motivating speech. {puts on her battle dress}

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