Blogroll Time Again

Another couple of new entries have made it onto the Elite Evans Avenue Exit Blogroll that you should know about.

First up is Super Calamari, better known as Cala, who is a transgendered person in both RL and SL.  As she’ll tell you, SL is a big outlet for a lot of people in RL who are “closeted” TG individuals, as they can use the virtual world to see themselves as their “true” gender, rather than the one they were born with.  I first encountered her words when she rightly took me to task (in this post) for a rather flippant comment I made about voice in SL in this post, which then inspired this post.  Since then, I’ve encountered at least one other TG person in SL (in fact, she worked for us for awhile), leading me to believe that it may be a more common thing than people think.  (And of course, some of the “girls” in SL are just guys presenting themselves that way on a lark; hence the title of Frogg Marlowe‘s album, Ain’t No Women.  Then there’s the phenomenon of avatars that start out as one gender in SL but switch to another…but I’m getting away from myself, here.)  Cala and I encountered each other at one of Tateru’s office-hour sessions at Mars Japanese Gardens, thus fulfilling that admittedly-eccentric requirement for a blogroll entry; she has thus been duly added, with the tagline, “One Good Woman.”  Because, well, she is.

The second addition is someone I’ve known for awhile…in fact, she’s been a Gin Rummy employee for months.  She’s been a dancer for us for all that time; however, since the club is now going ladies-only (and hence only employing male dancers), we’ll be retraining her as a host.  She’s one of our most loyal and most personable employees, and she’s a great asset to the organization.  So, when I found out she has a blog…well, fast-track that addition! 🙂 Welcome, Bells Semyorka, to the ranks of the Extremely Elite Evans Avenue Exit Blogroll.  Her tagline describes her perfectly: “Hot, Sexy, and Loyal.”



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2 responses to “Blogroll Time Again

  1. Though we have not had the pleasure of meeting I have taken the liberty of adding your blog to my blogroll because I read your blog daily. {:o)

  2. The vote of confidence is always appreciated, Tinsel.

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