The Eve of a Bold Move

Danielle on a tableOur week-long job fair has nearly come to an end at the Gin Rummy…and after that, nothing will be the same again. After that, when we reopen, Danielle will implement her most radical change yet to the Gin Rummy: We’re going ladies-only.

Believe it or not, there is a method to our madness. Danielle actually tried out a “Ladies’ Night” at the Gin Rummy a little over a week ago, with male pole-dancers that actually went “The Full Monty”…and she made a bundle. Ladies-only clubs aren’t that common in SL, and, for some reason, the ladies seem more willing to drop Lindens by the bucketful into the dancers’ tip jars. Of course, this means some of our male customers won’t be able to come around anymore…but the soft rustle is too tempting to ignore. (Of money, you pervs. 🙂 )

I’ll still DJ at the club, but I’ll stay over in the booth while doing so, as will all our male DJs…to keep the dance floor free for the ladies to enjoy themselves. Other nights, I’ll work Security, which will still employ male avatars, but I’ll be on the fringe of the crowd. (Among my duties then will be to turn back male avatars that try to enter.) The rest of the time…well, I guess I’ll get some time off.

Hopefully this will lead to more profitability for the club…which will lead to Danielle getting her own sim eventually.


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  1. There goes my evening “hang-out” (that could be interpreted several ways, couldn’t it?).

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