It’s Time

At The End
As of today, The Gin Rummy is closed for business. All upcoming events have been canceled. The building itself is gone, not a trace of it left behind. Our 13-1/2 month run is now officially at an end.

OK, to answer your first question: No, we have not gone insane. In fact, I’d say we’ve gotten sane for the first time in a long while. We started this club because it was a fun thing for us. Lately, it’s not gotten to be quite so fun. For my part, I’ve been finding it to be a real grind these days…except, perhaps, for the days I DJ there, which now amounts to only 1 day a week. Danielle’s been worse off; she hasn’t wanted to log in as “Danielle” at all for some time now, except for business matters like changing the time clocks. And it’s seemed to us that most of the people we pay to help us don’t take this as seriously as we do. Some do–a very few, emphasis on “few,” and for those people we are grateful. But we can’t carry the bulk of the weight ourselves–as well as all the monetary expenditure required to keep the business alive. Not when we get so little to show for it, even in terms of “satisfaction.” When that happens, it’s time to call it quits. Shut down, and move on.

Oh, it’s going to be hard letting go of this place, very, very hard. But nothing lasts forever in Second Life, and we kept it going as long as we could. We were as good as any, and better than most, and other clubs were born and died while we carried on. And we haven’t lost the experiences we had here; one day, we can do all this again, knowing more than we did before about what works, what doesn’t, and what can be made to work better. For now, we have other things we can do…I may even have time to work on EDMC Mark II now :-).

Thanks to everyone who supported us.



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