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Not So Naughty, I’m Afraid

Vint Falken has tagged me for a little blog game in which one is supposed to name the avatars one would like to have SL sex with, for various reasons. Well, Vint, I don’t think I can give you what you’re asking for…but I can give you something better. It’s called “the truth.” 🙂

The truth is, I’m not really the SL-sex kind of person. The only person I’ve actually done that with is Danielle, and that was in the context of our SL relationship (courting, and later, marriage). Heck, while I have an Xcite! setup somewhere in my inventory (in a folder marked “(warning!)”), it hasn’t seen any use in ages…and the cock in it is still the original cock. Not even an X2, much less an X3. I just haven’t seen the need to spend money on upgrades for something I don’t use.

People would probably find it hard to imagine this, seeing as how I’ve been DJing quite frequently at Club Desire (now Elite Desire), where on any given night I can look down from the booth and see any number of ladies, generally looking their best and acting quite flirtatious with the dancers. I’m sure that, were I so inclined, I could talk many of them into an interlude…but that’s just not me. I don’t sleep around, in RL or in SL. And the ladies that I tend to spend the most time with are my own “daughters” (such as Samaria and Lillindrial); the idea of Doing It with them falls rather firmly in the realm of “eww eww eww.” 🙂

I could “tag” Danielle to respond to this herself, but I already know what she’d say, and that’s much the same thing that I’m saying here. Neither of us is inclined to sleep around in SL, just as we aren’t inclined to do so in RL. Which is not to say that we’re going to condemn other people for doing so; if we were, we wouldn’t be in the business we’re in. But we have our own consciences to look after, which is all that we can take responsibility for. I suppose, when it comes down to it, it just serves to demonstrate how much our SL avatars are reflections of our RL selves.

(Don’t worry, Vint, you didn’t offend me by tagging me. I just thought you deserved a good and truthful answer, rather than being ignored.)

“All love is unrequited, Stephen. All of it.” – Commander Susan Ivanova (to Dr. Stephen Franklin), Babylon 5 episode “Rising Star” (season 4)



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Push Back The Group Horizons!

Pretty much everybody in SL knows about groups; you’ve joined quite a few, maybe you’ve even created some.  But there’s one catch: You can only be a member of 25 different groups…and for more and more people, that’s just not enough.  How many times have you heard “Sorry, I’ve hit the limit” when adding someone to one of your groups?  How many times have you said that when someone wants to add you to a group?

There’s a proposal currently up on the JIRA Issue Tracker for Second Life that asks for this limitation to be raised, or (dare we hope?) removed.  It’s Issue MISC-208, “More than 25 groups!”, and it’s currently one of the most popular issues in the bug-tracking system.  I encourage all of my readers to go there and vote this issue up.

Now, I admit I don’t know the technical reasons why there’s a limitation of 25 groups.  I’m personally in favor of the “Zero-One-Infinity” approach to software design, which states that, if you have some resource to deal with in a software system, your system should either allow none of that resource, exactly one of that resource, or an unlimited number of that resource. (Examples from Venice, the software that runs Electric Minds: communities on a server, conferences per community, topics per conference, posts per topic.  All of those are not limited in number.)  But, if making group membership unlimited is not feasible, why couldn’t it be expanded to, say, 50 or 100 groups per user?

Certainly, as a club owner and member of that whole scene, I deal with group memberships all the time.  Club groups, club staff groups, DJ fan club groups, etc., etc., ad nauseam. Not to mention the various groups that get set up for people’s weddings and the like.  I’d like, for instance, to be able to join one or more of the amateur radio groups in Second Life, but I just have way too many demands on those group slots.  The only solution, I guess, is to stand there like Oliver Twist, asking Linden Labs, “Please, sir, I want some more.”  If that’s what we have to do, it would behoove us to have as many Residents possible standing there and asking.  So go sign onto this JIRA issue today!

Other SL bloggers who are asking for the same thing:

And I’m sure there are plenty of others.


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Eight Erbonomically Correct Items

I’m going to respond to the invited “self-tagging” of Tateru here, and give you eight pieces of information about the human behind this avatar. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

  1. At one point, I had an extra tooth growing between my two front teeth. It’s called a “supernumerary tooth.” It was extracted when I was quite young, so you’d never know from looking at me today that it was ever there.
  2. I was a precocious youngster. I was always taking math classes a grade ahead of me in elementary school…until sixth grade, when I was spending afternoons at a local high school learning algebra, and also taking an electronics course in which I was soldering together various projects…even etching and drilling my own circuit boards. One of my projects even won my elementary school’s science fair.
  3. This was kind of mirrored in high school, where, during my senior year, I was in another program where I worked at a local company in the afternoon, doing programming in Pascal on an HP minicomputer.
  4. The first computer I ever owned was a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A, for which I had many of the accessories, including the Peripheral Expansion box, disk drive, expanded memory, and Extended BASIC. I wrote a number of game programs on that machine, though, looking back, I wish I’d learned a little more about programming the thing in assembly language, because it had a rather unique architecture.
  5. My ex-wife and I both loved the TV series Babylon 5. In fact, our wedding bands had, inscribed on their inner surfaces, a quote from Ambassador Delenn: “Faith manages.” Now, I finally have the entire series on DVD.
  6. I have some musical talent; I can play keyboard a little bit, and I also know how to use a MIDI sequencer. One of my hobbies used to be transcribing sheet music for popular songs into MIDI files and filling out their arrangements to sound decent. The first song I ever sequenced like that was “Layla,” by Derek and the Dominos. The one I think I did the best job on was “Another Day In Paradise,” by Phil Collins.
  7. I was a frequent chatter for a while on the BIX network’s conferencing system, but wound up being forced away from it when I fell in with “the wrong crowd,” as it were. I think that whole experience kind of soured me on live chat-type technologies, including instant messaging, and only recently have I begun to overcome that. Even now, I rarely turn on an IM program, except to communicate with people I know. And that’s despite the fact that I worked for an IM company at one point…
  8. I am terribly bad at flirting (so I never do it, in practice), and I’m also terribly bad at recognizing that I’m being flirted with. Even in the case of the woman I later married, it took a month, and the input of a friend, for me to realize that she had been flirting with me…and an additional several weeks, plus the input of a couple of friends, to decide to do anything about it. I cut it so close that, if I had waited any longer, she would have moved cross-country and I’d never have gotten together with her at all.

And there you have it. As for who I can tag with this…well, it’s been awhile since Danielle has written anything…don’t hate me for this, Danielle! 🙂


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