Blogroll Rebalancing

Man, some of those links over on the blogroll were old and stinky. 🙂  I’ve cleared off a number of people who seem to have abandoned their blogs–including at least two that were gone entirely–and fixed the links for a couple that have changed around.  If you were on my ‘roll but aren’t anymore and you think I screwed up, do please let me know.

In addition, somehow I missed the whole folding of Second Life Insider into the all-encompassing Massively site, so I’ve switched links appropriately. Hmm!  Massively even has a category about the game Samaria and I have been playing recently on the side…Hellgate: London.  It’s good to be able to go kick some demonic ass after a hard evening of managing a club. 🙂  Perhaps I’ll write some more about that later, as we’ve been having a hell of a good time in that game (no pun intended).


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