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Symbolic of Wretched Excess, Or Something

Lexx’s Wedding InvitationThe image I have linked here is Lexx’s wedding invitation. Yes, THAT thing that towers over my avatar, included here for scale. The object is 102 prims, the artwork inside uses sculpty prims, and, when clicked, it not only hands you a landmark, it plays Peter Cetera’s “The Glory of Love.” The whole song.

As wedding invitations go, this one takes the cake (no pun intended). It is the epitome of ostentatiousness. It’s like the last days of Pompeii, right here in SL. Take me home and put me to bed, Mama, I have seen enough to know that I have seen too much!

If you should desire a wedding invitation like this, make sure and stop by Kaa Sera Wedding Invitations, and Kaaden Carson will be happy to sell you one. Just don’t try to rez it on anything smaller than a 4096 sq.m. parcel. 🙂

Oh, that reminds me…we’re in the wedding business too, providing a venue for wedding ceremonies and receptions, along with an officiant, photographs, and professionally DJ’d wedding music (by Yours Truly). Stop by Dreams Weddings and talk to Lexx.

“All men should be married, but no woman should.” – E. Jean Carroll, A Dog In Heat Is a Hot Dog



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Since the Evans Family Compound is moving to Lexxotica, I had to take a new image for the top of the blog…and I built a road out front of the Compound with this shot in mind. Naturally, I had to use the latest WindLight viewer to get the sky just so…and I adjusted the sun position and cloud cover of one of the presets to make it look right. You can see the main house in the background there, with the flagpole in front flying its Colorado and New York state flags proudly; unfortunately, the big Yagi amateur radio antenna (tuned for 40 meters) atop the house got cropped out of the image…

Oh, and the redhead in the front passenger seat is Alexzandria Aeon, my newfound daughter (as Danielle told me) and the CEO and Supreme Dictator For Life of LexxCore, so don’t nobody be gettin’ no funny ideas. 🙂

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LexxCore: The Next Step To Total Grid Domination

LexxCore LogoIn conjunction with Ms. Alexzandria Aeon, I am pleased to announce the development of LexxCore, a Second Life land management and entertainment conglomerate serving the needs of Residents everywhere. LexxCore is now running on its first sim, Lexxotica, a new Class 5 Mature sim. We offer the following services:

First of all, we have land for sale. 4096 square meter plots, asking L$35,000, tier of L$3500 for two week intervals. Get in on the ground floor, folks!

Lexxistential Deviances LogoSecond of all, there is the Lexxistential Deviances Strip Club (formerly The Insurrection Alley), which forms the cornerstone of the new environment. Events will be run Friday through Monday nights, 7-9 PM SLT. DJ CoolJ, of course, will play this club, as will DJ Damonic and other members of the old IA staff.

Third, the club has an associated mall, the Lexxistential Deviances Mall, with vendor space available at very reasonable rates. (You can now buy the EDMC and the Erbographics Windows there, for instance.) Between the club and the mall is a nice open park area, with a money tree and prize-giveaway genie for newbies.

For more information, visit the LexxCore Web site. See you there!

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Notecard Writing: A Modest Proposal

Jacek laments the lack of ability of scripts to write to notecards, thus depriving them of a potentially-useful mechanism for saving persistent data across script resets. (Other scripters have used the object name or description to store such persistent data, but the fact that LL is now enforcing strict limits on the length of those fields limits the usability of this technique.) We are told that this is because each edit to a notecard creates a new asset in the asset server, and it would possibly overwhelm the server, as if it wasn’t overwhelmed enough already.

Well, how does it handle people editing notecards normally? I’m guessing that, when you bring up a notecard window in the client, you don’t actually create a “new” asset until you press the Save button. Is there any reason why we couldn’t have script APIs that work the same way? Say, when you open a notecard for writing, buffer the data in memory, and only actually save that data, creating the new asset, when the notecard is closed?

Here’s an example of how these APIs might look. (Warning! These are not real APIs! I’m only showing you what I think they might look like.)

integer llNoteStreamOpen(string name, integer mode);

Opens a notecard for writing. name specifies the name or key of the notecard to be written to, which must be an existing notecard in the inventory of the object holding the current script. mode must be one of NOTESTREAM_OPEN_OVERWRITE (to overwrite the existing data in the notecard) or NOTESTREAM_OPEN_APPEND (to append to the existing data in the notecard). The return value is a “handle” used to interact with this notecard stream, or -1 on error.

Scripts may only have a maximum of N notecard streams open at one time (where N is a small number, perhaps as low as 1). Attempts to open additional streams beyond that result in an error.

integer llNoteStreamWrite(integer handle, string data);

Writes data to the notecard stream. Data written is buffered and is not actually saved to the notecard until the stream is closed. handle specifies the handle of the notecard stream to write to. data specifies the string data to be written. The return value is the number of characters written to the notecard stream, or -1 on error.

key llNoteStreamClose(integer handle, integer disposition);

Closes a notecard stream. handle specifies the stream to be closed. disposition must be either NOTESTREAM_SAVE (to save the changes to the notecard) or NOTESTREAM_DISCARD (to discard the changes to the notecard). Returns the UUID of the notecard that was modified (the new UUID if changes were saved, the original UUID if changes were discarded); returns NULL_KEY on error.

When a script is reset, any notecard stream handles it holds open are closed as if llNoteStreamClose(handle,NOTESTREAM_DISCARD) were called on them.

I don’t know how feasible this all would be to implement. Perhaps we’d need an upper limit on the buffer size for the notecard stream, which would limit its usability for some purposes, but not for others. Perhaps any or all of these functions would need script execution delays built into them. Perhaps the streams should be automatically closed/discarded when the script changes states, much the same way timer handles get reset, instead of when the whole script is reset.


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