LexxCore: The Next Step To Total Grid Domination

LexxCore LogoIn conjunction with Ms. Alexzandria Aeon, I am pleased to announce the development of LexxCore, a Second Life land management and entertainment conglomerate serving the needs of Residents everywhere. LexxCore is now running on its first sim, Lexxotica, a new Class 5 Mature sim. We offer the following services:

First of all, we have land for sale. 4096 square meter plots, asking L$35,000, tier of L$3500 for two week intervals. Get in on the ground floor, folks!

Lexxistential Deviances LogoSecond of all, there is the Lexxistential Deviances Strip Club (formerly The Insurrection Alley), which forms the cornerstone of the new environment. Events will be run Friday through Monday nights, 7-9 PM SLT. DJ CoolJ, of course, will play this club, as will DJ Damonic and other members of the old IA staff.

Third, the club has an associated mall, the Lexxistential Deviances Mall, with vendor space available at very reasonable rates. (You can now buy the EDMC and the Erbographics Windows there, for instance.) Between the club and the mall is a nice open park area, with a money tree and prize-giveaway genie for newbies.

For more information, visit the LexxCore Web site. See you there!


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