Since the Evans Family Compound is moving to Lexxotica, I had to take a new image for the top of the blog…and I built a road out front of the Compound with this shot in mind. Naturally, I had to use the latest WindLight viewer to get the sky just so…and I adjusted the sun position and cloud cover of one of the presets to make it look right. You can see the main house in the background there, with the flagpole in front flying its Colorado and New York state flags proudly; unfortunately, the big Yagi amateur radio antenna (tuned for 40 meters) atop the house got cropped out of the image…

Oh, and the redhead in the front passenger seat is Alexzandria Aeon, my newfound daughter (as Danielle told me) and the CEO and Supreme Dictator For Life of LexxCore, so don’t nobody be gettin’ no funny ideas. 🙂


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