Snapshot In A Family Album

Lexx and Petros show off their three little ones.

Lexx and Petros show off their three little ones.

I don’t know how common the concept of “families” is in Second Life.  I got an introduction to that concept some time back, when I was “adopted” as a father by Samaria, Lillindrial, Lexx, and so forth.  Over time, this has grown, until now I find myself the patriarch of a three-generational clan:

  • Myself and my wife Selenalore.
  • My younger siblings: Fiona the somewhat ditzy blonde sister, and Stephen the steadfast little brother.
  • My daughters: Morning, Suki, Lexx, Lilli, A.J., Adah, Shaunny, Ginger, Samaria, Say, and Miho.  (Don’t ask me how I accumulate them.  They just pop up out of nowhere, it seems.)
  • My one son, Piook, who’s never online…
  • And now, at least six grandchildren: Faith, Hope, DeSpair, Crissy, Angel, and Selina.  (UPDATE: Add to that Spring, Kayla, Giselle, and Tierra.  And one great-grandchild, Jasmine.  Heavens to mergatroids!)

The latest development came after Lexx and her spouse Petros visited the Make-a-Wish Adoption and Shopping Centre, on the “Happy Ever After” sim.  They found DeSpair, who wanted them to take him home with them, but insisted that his sisters, Faith and Hope, come along too.  The three are all 2-year-olds, and Lexx fell in love with them overnight.  And so, I came home from a party in RL tonight to find out that I was now a grandfather.

Of course, these kid avatars are powered by ageplayers, about which I’ve written before.  But, whoever their RL controllers are, they’re very convincing as little children.  They actually move so fast, it seems like the frame rate of the client can’t keep up!  And they’re cute as the dickens, too.  They listened sweetly as “Poppy” (that would be me) told them stories; first I recounted a condensed version of my adventure to pick up Selena, then I told them “a story about santa” (adapted from the movie Santa Claus Conquers The Martians), then another story condensed from “The Tale of the Adopted Daughter” in Robert Heinlein’s Time Enough For Love.  Meanwhile, over Skype, Lexx is just gushing over the kids.

I predict interesting times in the future.  For all of us.



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4 responses to “Snapshot In A Family Album

  1. thelexx

    The are the most amazing little bundles of joy I have ever seen!! 🙂 The beat the heck out of prim babies hands down! I love them to death!

  2. Yeah. Prim babies got nothin’ on this crew.

  3. Selenalore

    Who would have thought, my short time being married to ERbo, that I’d wind up being a grandma of the most amazing grandkids out there. All of them are just adorable as all get out. 🙂

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