God, I Hate Being Right

Over on New World Notes, Hamlet talks about Linden Lab’s upcoming changes with regard to “adult-oriented content” in Second Life®, and laments the fact that many bloggers don’t seem to have expressed an opinion on these upcoming changes.

Well, Hamlet, you want an opinion?  I can sum it up for you in four words: “I Told You So.”

Linden Lab seems to be employing a strategy with respect to “adult” content in Second Life reminiscent of the strategy the Nazis employed with respect to the Jews of Warsaw:  First, herd them into the ghetto, then, over time, enforce stricter and stricter controls on them, until they can eventually be eliminated.  Well, you providers of “adult content,” welcome to your ghetto.  But don’t expect that it’ll stop there.  LL, in their quest to present a “clean” face to the world, especially to would-be regulators in government and would-be investors in the business community, will gradually tighten the screws on both the “adult” continent and the remaining “sanitized for your protection” mainland.  Eventually, you and your content will be driven away to some OpenSim-based grid.  Those of you that can’t or won’t move, will perish.  Either way, LL will get its wish, and, likely, nothing will be permitted on the Main Grid that would offend Dr. James Dobson.  Or perhaps, the mullahs of Iran.

(Now that paragraph ought to piss a few people off.  At the very least, I’ll probably get called for a Godwin’s Law penalty, fifteen yards and loss of down. 🙂 )

How it affects those of us on private islands, like Lexxotica, I’m not certain yet.  But I’m thinking we’d better not try to put pole-dancers into any club we build there, lest we be forced to declare the whole sim “Adult” and possibly lose rental business.  Which means we won’t be able to employ as many people as we have in the past…and we won’t get traffic from the people who want to see pole-dancers.  Classic Catch-22 scenario.

More and more, I’m becoming convinced that, with the departure of all the executives from the early days of Second Life (the last one, Ginsu, took off just recently), Linden Lab has lost its soul.  Yes, perhaps the alternative was for the whole company to go down, given the present economic and political realities.  But take a moment and lament that which has been lost, and which is soon to be lost.



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8 responses to “God, I Hate Being Right

  1. adricantfarm

    Bad Math Erbo.

    Dead Jews = Exiled Porn = ERROR ERROR

    It’s an overused comparison the Act of Good Blog Taste of 2008 banned as I recall.

    Rest of your stuff is great (I just would never of found it minus your NWN post).

  2. annotoole

    Hamlet and his cronie Mitch Wagner are both in the paid service of Linden Lab so their publications are as reliable as Pravda or whatever the Nazi propaganda publication was. They won’t even address IP and Trademark Rights coming out instead squarely supportive of copyright and trademark theft. Unbelivable. Stealing is perfectly acceptable to Linden Lab and their henchmen reporter goons. Unless, of course, it is a case of someone stealing their IP or trademarks which they vigorously defend.

  3. Yes, yes, Adric, I kind of figured some people would react that way. However, the historical parallel is simply too good a fit here. (The fact that I read John Scalzi’s Agent to the Stars recently may have had something to do with that; one of the plot points in the book turns on a movie being made about the life of one of the survivors of the Warsaw ghetto, so the historical event was fresh in my mind.) Cala also pointed this out via Twitter, to which I mentioned that I’d already self-Godwinned the post. 🙂

    Much as I’d like to criticize Hamlet, Ann, I don’t know how valid that would be, given that I’ve been neglecting SL blogging for so long myself and hence haven’t been part of the conversation. I can remedy that, but it’ll take time, something I’ve been lacking in for a while now…

  4. adricantfarm

    I asked Hamlet about this very issue (re Linden butt-boy) after another blog who likes to tweak him on this touched on it.

    He denied and if you look at his post-2006 gigs and books (look at his bio on Amazon.com) it just doesn’t make sense he needs them or is owned by them.

    Now – are his connections inside the beast something that annoy other bloggers – that is another topic. M. Linden isn’t talking to us but neither is the assistant manager of the KFC I worked when I 16 talking to Hamy. We would ridicule him for not using those connections.

  5. I agre with Ann O’Toole here (take a snapshot this doesn’t happen often), Hamlet is being used as a PR tool over this issue, with the emphasis on tool.

  6. adricantfarm


    Hamlet has a different view than you!!

    Just because someone doesn’t share your views doesn’t make them a tool.

    Unless you don’t share my views.


  7. Hamlet won my vote as best news source, others agreed. Take a look at the official forum and tell me this isn’t a big issue or that people are mostly in support of this policy 😉

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