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The Return of EMinds

Since Electric Minds is now back up, I will point all of you to my earlier chronicles of adventure in Second Life, which I posted in this topic (this link starts you from the beginning). It’s worth reading, if only for hysterical raisins.

I’ll probably continue posting in that topic from time to time, but the majority of my SL-related insights will continue to stay here. I think the other EMinders are getting a little sick of my SL posts. šŸ™‚

On an unrelated note, I discovered that Alexander Lapointe also has an SL blog. He has promptly been blogrolled here.

UPDATE: I almost forgot to mention…all of you SL Residents who have become EMinders (and you know who you are), IM me for your free Official Electric Minds T-Shirt! Not available in stores! Based on the design of the original RL EMinds T-Shirt circa 1997!



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Electric Minds is down right now, or I might be posting some of these thoughts over there. Then again…I might not.

When I entered SL, I began documenting my experiences on EMinds, partly inspired by another poster’s thread about Neopets, but mainly as somewhat of a travelogue. I hoped to encourage other EMinders to take the plunge and come in-world. At the same time, I have also worked assiduously to bring good SL Resis to EMinds.

The latter direction has borne some fruit, especially among those Resis who were already bloggers. Mera Pixel was the first to jump in. Then Torley, bless her heart, posted once. Then Akela and Danielle also joined in. But, to date, no other EMinders have come in-world. (To be fair: Irene was in-world once long before I was, but she left.) It’s ironic that the second EMinder to enter SL will be its founder, Howard Rheingold, as part of an event early next month…

I also floated some thoughts I had about encouraging greater cooperation between the two worlds, because I saw many similarities between them in terms of community. To my chagrin, these meandering thoughs were met with, not just mere indifference, but outright hostility among core EMinders. Why? I wasn’t talking about making EMinds some sort of “official SL forum”…there already is a set of forums run by LL, as well as the forums, and I couldn’t supplant either of those even if I wanted to. Besides, EMinds’ scope is broader than that. I just was thinking of ways to promote more crossovers between the two…it might benefit EMinds more than SL, by bringing it some new attention and helping grow the userbase.

Perhaps that was wrong of me to think. Perhaps EMinds and SL really don’t mix, like oil and water, or Mobile Infantry and Fleet.

In the meantime, there continues to be a placard on the inside wall of The Cutlass Club that is a link to Electric Minds. I don’t know if anyone clicks on it…but I want it there nonetheless.

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