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Dealing with additions to the blogroll.

Blogroll Rebalancing

Man, some of those links over on the blogroll were old and stinky. 🙂  I’ve cleared off a number of people who seem to have abandoned their blogs–including at least two that were gone entirely–and fixed the links for a couple that have changed around.  If you were on my ‘roll but aren’t anymore and you think I screwed up, do please let me know.

In addition, somehow I missed the whole folding of Second Life Insider into the all-encompassing Massively site, so I’ve switched links appropriately. Hmm!  Massively even has a category about the game Samaria and I have been playing recently on the side…Hellgate: London.  It’s good to be able to go kick some demonic ass after a hard evening of managing a club. 🙂  Perhaps I’ll write some more about that later, as we’ve been having a hell of a good time in that game (no pun intended).


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Blogroll Time Again

Another couple of new entries have made it onto the Elite Evans Avenue Exit Blogroll that you should know about.

First up is Super Calamari, better known as Cala, who is a transgendered person in both RL and SL.  As she’ll tell you, SL is a big outlet for a lot of people in RL who are “closeted” TG individuals, as they can use the virtual world to see themselves as their “true” gender, rather than the one they were born with.  I first encountered her words when she rightly took me to task (in this post) for a rather flippant comment I made about voice in SL in this post, which then inspired this post.  Since then, I’ve encountered at least one other TG person in SL (in fact, she worked for us for awhile), leading me to believe that it may be a more common thing than people think.  (And of course, some of the “girls” in SL are just guys presenting themselves that way on a lark; hence the title of Frogg Marlowe‘s album, Ain’t No Women.  Then there’s the phenomenon of avatars that start out as one gender in SL but switch to another…but I’m getting away from myself, here.)  Cala and I encountered each other at one of Tateru’s office-hour sessions at Mars Japanese Gardens, thus fulfilling that admittedly-eccentric requirement for a blogroll entry; she has thus been duly added, with the tagline, “One Good Woman.”  Because, well, she is.

The second addition is someone I’ve known for awhile…in fact, she’s been a Gin Rummy employee for months.  She’s been a dancer for us for all that time; however, since the club is now going ladies-only (and hence only employing male dancers), we’ll be retraining her as a host.  She’s one of our most loyal and most personable employees, and she’s a great asset to the organization.  So, when I found out she has a blog…well, fast-track that addition! 🙂 Welcome, Bells Semyorka, to the ranks of the Extremely Elite Evans Avenue Exit Blogroll.  Her tagline describes her perfectly: “Hot, Sexy, and Loyal.”


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Two For The ‘Roll

Aside from being “information straight from the firehose” about SL and a variety of unrelated topics, Tateru‘s office hours have afforded me the opportunity to encounter a number of other folks with blogs in-world. I’ve already mentioned Hamlet Au and his New World Notes, but I have a couple more to give a shout-out to now.

First up is Patchouli Woollahra, most often seen as either a blue cat or someone who looks elfin to my eyes. She’s another Aussie, and her involvement in SL runs the gamut from mentorin to building and scripting to instruction to just having fun. Her tagline shall, hence, be “The Fun-Loving Kitten.” (I know a lot of fun-loving kittens these days…including Danielle herself. She has different ideas about “fun,” though. 🙂 )

Second is moo Money, one of the other bloggers on Second Life Insider, who is noted for her involvement in machinima, as Community Manager of Alt-Zoom Studios. (That’s a fascinating field…if I weren’t so busy with other stuff, I might look into that, too.) This led to an obvious choice of tagline for her, which was, of course, inspired by Gloria Swanson’s famous line from the end of Sunset Boulevard. I knew that Film Studies course I took in college would come in handy someday! She’s also one of the few adults who has access to the Teen Grid, after having passed LL’s background check (only slightly less rigorous than “Yankee White“), and she gave us the “inside scoop” on what it’s like over there. Without getting into details, let’s just say it brought the Star Trek Original Series episode “Miri” to mind. Or perhaps the “Wacky Molestation Adventure” episode of South Park

And thus does the mighty Evans Avenue Exit blogroll become even more complete.

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Oh, And Before I Forget…

The other night, as I was kicking back on the lawn at Mars Japanese Gardens, at the feet of the incomparable Tateru Nino (who, incidentally, is being incredibly generous with her time in holding “office hours”), who should show up but Hamlet Au, her sometime boss/supervising editor and a top SL blogger in his own right.  By my admittedly-somewhat-eccentric rules (documented here, incidentally), I can now add his blog, New World Notes, to the Evans Avenue Exit blogroll.

There is little I could say about Hamlet–indeed, little that I would feel myself even qualified to say–that hasn’t already been said about him, and can’t easily be found out through NWN itself.  But it’s not stretching the truth to say that his writings were one of the things that helped draw me into SL.  So were Tateru’s, for that matter.  However, I believe that it was NWN that originally pointed me to Dwell On It.  The sequence, as I recall, led me from the SL website itself, to NWN, to Dwell On It, and thence to blogs such as MeraTalk and An Engine Fit For My Proceeding.  (And I suppose, from there, to for hardware and OS upgrades. 🙂 )

Yes, I know that NWN is a semi-group blog these days, with contributions from other people, such as Tateru.  But I tend to file those blogs under the name of the person that seems to be their “primary owner,” which, in this case, is Hamlet.  (Similarly, I generally file Boing Boing under “Cory Doctorow” and Eternity Road under “Francis W. Porretto.”  Only in cases where a blog has no primary owner, or more than one, will I simply omit the author name, as is the case with Discarded Lies, and, for that matter, the Grand Unified Linden Blog.)

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Happy Rezday, Danielle!

Danielle on her Throne
A year ago today, Danielle first ventured into Second Life. And thus began her quest for total Grid domination. 🙂

Ever since I’ve known Danielle, she’s been a real pleasure for me to know. I’ve seen her evolve from her initial, whitebread-redhead look to her present style, which is both true to her RL self and as unique as you’d expect of a sophisticated Resident. I’ve seen, and helped, her business venture, the Gin Rummy, withstand every challenge and grow from a tiny club nestled in the mountaintops of Perizoma to the huge, ornate building it occupies today in Joie sim. I’ve done my best to help her through crises in both Second Life and First Life. And I’m very glad to have her as a friend.

Happy rezday, Danielle. You deserve only the best!

. . . .

On a side note, I’d also like to welcome Vint Falken to the elite Evans Avenue Exit blogroll. Earlier today, she fulfilled the “in-world meeting” requirement for the listing when she visited the Evans Family Compound for a conference regading the SLelections. She’s a photographer, a socialite, and a driving force behind the SL Bloggers group (of which your humble reporter is now a member). She’s also a neko, like Danielle (I seem to be running into a bunch of them recently!), which suggested the title I have given her: “The Social Feline.”


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Jacek Has Moved…And So Has The GR

Ms. Jacek Antonelli has been given an opportunity to align her blog with the Axis of Purple, and is now being hosted under the banner. I will completely understand if, at this juncture, Mera starts singing, “Purpurrot, purpurrot, über alles, über alles in der Welt…” 🙂 But Jacek is no stranger to passion, which is the essence of purple, as I’ve pointed out. So it’s all good.

Of course, we at the Gin Rummy are no strangers to change…witness the fact that we are now based at a new location in the newly-opened Joie sim, which is on a Class 5 server. Those of you who were reading here about a month ago are probably now staring in disbelief at this post. “But Erbo,” you protest, “didn’t you get such a great deal when you moved to Club Fairplay? Why move again just a month later?”

Well, things change, and we feel like we’re a little more in control of our own destiny this way, not to mention being free of the lag and other weird behavior on Club Fairplay. And we got our pick of spots for the new location, as we were the first to rent a parcel on the Joie sim. (Naturally, I’m trying to make sure we’re good tenants. Our contest boards are set to “say” their messages rather than “shout” them, for instance…and thank you, Nicholas Decatur, for adding that feature to your contest boards! I also carefully sculpted a “coastline” into our parcel, to make it look more natural and so that Danielle could put in some “waves.”)

People interested in a plot for their business or residence would be well advised to talk to Steve Mahfouz, owner of the Joie sim; you can get good land on a high-quality sim for reasonable prices and terms. Come visit the GR if you’d like to check out the vicinity; either use the SLURL I provided above, or, if you happen to be near a Stargate on the Cleary Stargate Network, simply “dd:Joie” to get here. (The direct dial address is 20:25:21:05:03:18:22.) And, if you’re setting up a business on Joie, shoot me an IM; I’ll put up an ad for your business in the GR to help promote you. Let’s help Steve make the new sim a roaring success!


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Puttin’ On The Ritz

If you’ve never shopped at Blaze, you need to. The store has been recently expanded to a new sim (Glory, docked just to the east of Triumph) and oozes “high class” from every prim. But both Danielle and I have known about Blaze for a long time; my most recent “Default Erbo” outfits are built around Blaze casual slacks and polo shirts, and I’m also quite fond of the Ultimate Wool Suits with flexiprim ties, as well as their tuxedoes. As for Danielle…her inventory contains many Blaze formal gowns and casual outfits.

While we were checking out the new store, I panned my camera atop the roof, and spotted Blaze Columbia herself. Naturally, Danielle wanted to fly up there and say hello. I let her go first, then, eventually, came up and joined her. And Blaze has a blog…so she is now eligible for addition to the Elite Group of Bloggers making up the Evans Avenue Exit blogroll.

One of the things that makes her successful, it would appear, is that she also works in the fashion industry in real life. Her clothes aren’t exactly cheap, but you pay for quality, in SL as much as in RL…and it’s a price that Danielle and I are often willing to pay. And, when you see some of her clothes, you will, too. Small wonder Blaze’s link title here is “Designer of Much of Erbo’s and Danielle’s Wardrobes.”


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