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Those who are well-known in Second Life, including those who insist they shouldn’t be…

Odd Lots

I’m taking a breather from campaign-related posts for a minute to just talk about a couple of things on my mind.

First of all, congratulations to Chelle and Danielle for scoring a couple of the DJ slots at the Second Life Community Convention.  I don’t know whether these will be RL performances, SL performances, or both, but they should both be well-suited to the task.  Of course, my name’s not on the list…but that’s because I didn’t ask.  Due to one thing and another, my real life is going to be absolutely insane until at least mid-August, so I haven’t been particularly looking for DJ work anywhere, as I’ll be spread thin enough as it is.  (The campaign isn’t helping…but it doesn’t take up that much of my attention, and it should be over soon enough anyhow.)

Second, I was over at Mars Japanese Gardens with Tateru and others on Saturday night, and the talk had turned to whether SL culture was fragmenting.  She said, “How many newbies know who Anshe is? Or Prok? Or me? Or Erbo?”  Well, let me tell you, that was a bit surprising! I hardly expected to find myself in the same chat line with Anshe Chung, Prokofy Neva, and Tateru Nino…unless it was a sentence beginning something like “Erbo Evans, unlike major SL personalities such as Anshe Chung, Prokofy Neva, or Tateru Nino…” 🙂  I know who the little fish in that pond is, that’s for sure.  I mean, look:

  • Anshe got to be where she is by getting in early, realizing the commercial potential of SL, and moving to exploit it, building up an empire over time in “Ben & Jerry’s” fashion.  It’s a feat that’s unlikely to be repeated.
  • Prokofy’s “fame,” such as it is, is more like “notoriety,” whether that label is rightly or wrongly applied.  Yet, in a very real sense, “it doesn’t matter what [the press] say[s] about you, as long as they spell your name right,” and I am also reminded of the statement about Howard Stern, that his detractors actually spent more time listening to him on a daily basis than his fans did…and both groups cited the same reason most often: “to hear what he’ll say next.”
  • You can ask Tateru why she’s so famous, and she’ll tell you that she doesn’t know.  However, one can’t argue with the evidence.  I’m forced to conclude that she must be doing something right, something that people like, regardless of what it actually is or whether she knows it.
  • And me?  Whatever fame or notoriety I’ve garnered, I’ve had to work for.  No one promised me a bed of roses, and I never came in expecting one.  My previous community experience definitely comes in handy when attempting to grasp SL, but there’s really been no substitute for planting my virtual feet on the Grid and getting my avatar’s hands dirty actually doing things, seeing things, and living the Second Life lifestyle.  Again, I’m left to wonder how things would have turned out if I had been able to upgrade my computer system to be capable of running SL, say, a year earlier…

Perhaps, one day, I will deserve that pride of place…and people will be reading about me in the next edition of the Official SL Guide.  But I’m not concerned about that now.  Hell, just surviving the next couple of months will be daunting enough.



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Throwing My Hat In The Ring

Erbo Evans for Governor ‘07

My fellow Residents, in accordance with applicable SL Election Campaign law, I am proud to declare my candidacy for Governor of Second Life in 2007. As your Governor, I will work to repair the blemishes to SL’s reputation that have been left by the previous Administration, and make this a Grid we can all take pride in again. Vote for me, and I’ll have the griefers working as swimming instructors on a shark farm! Vote for me, and I’ll make sure the beatings continue until code quality improves! Vote for me, and I’ll help make this a Grid we can be proud to live in, work in, and do business in! If you want safer sims, fewer taxes, and an end to the corruption in high places, vote Evans for Governor! Remember, you can believe me, because I’m always right, and I never lie! Thank you, good night, God bless you, and God bless Second Life!

(Exit Erbo, whistling “Happy Days Are Here Again” )

Note: As noted by Vint Falken, this is satire. That means it’s fictional, i.e., not real. It just amuses me to go along with the gag. Besides, I had two copies of the “SLelections for governor 2007” folder dropped on me today; I figure someone must be trying to tell me something. 🙂


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The Lindens. You’ve all heard of them; they’re the folks who built Second Life and keep it running so we all have our world in which to build, chat, script, shop, dance, and generally have a good time. And they sometimes visit it themselves…but they can be deucedly hard to find when they do.

In my two-and-a-half months in SL, I’ve laid eyes on maybe four or five Lindens. Granted, I’m never on during the working hours when (presumably) more of them come in, because those are my working hours, too. (And I don’t have any machines at work under my control that could run Second Life…and my boss would probably eviscerate me for trying. Heck, he throws shit-fits just at seeing a Web browser open on my screen to something like GMail, EMinds, or whatever…)

The one I spot most often seems to be Teeple, who, I gather, is a big friend of The Shelter. I’ve seen him show up during the pool party a couple of times (and once spend some time kicking back with Travis in the pool), and he seems to like to peek in on the weekly formal (AKA the “Isabel sim stress-test”) to see all the attendees in their finery. That’s where I captured this snapshot of him, for instance. Aside from him, I was once at an author appearance in-world, sponsored in part by the Science Fiction Rangers, where Pathfinder showed up, and I’ve glimpsed one or two others around the Welcome Area at Ahern, back when I used to bounce over there more frequently.

And then, of course, there’s Torley, with whom I actually corresponded over on her blog before we met in-world. That meeting was facilitated by Mera Pixel, who, a couple of days before the SL Third Birthday event, offered me a TP over to the area with the Vault. And there she was…with her synth slung over her back and her cat Molyenka draped across her front. We both gushed; I said, “Torley! How nice to finally meet you in person!”, and she said, “ERBO!!!!!!!!” Boy, did that make me feel welcome! 🙂 The picture at left, taken from Torley’s Flickr gallery, is photographic evidence of that meeting. I have highlighted our relative positions. (Original here.) Other high-powered people were there, too, but I didn’t speak to any of them at length…

Danielle has been jealous of the few Linden’s I’ve managed to spot. But just recently, she stole a march on me, by meeting, not just any Linden, but the Head Linden Hisself! Seems Phillip decided to drop in on The Shelter, and, thanks to some good fortune and a timely IM to the Shelter group channel by Reina Quine, Danielle was standing face to face with the in-world presence of Linden Labs’ CEO. (Who, from appearences in the photo accomanying her blog post, is much shorter than I’d expected.)

What would I have said to Phillip if I’d been there? Probably a big, heartfelt “Thank you,” for one thing. After all, had it not been for his initial vision, there would be no SL. And I suppose I’d say the same to any of the developers I managed to spot. (Besides that, I’d want to pump them for info about the architecture and the setup of the servers. I have a professional interest in clustered systems.) Keep this in mind next time you’re inclined to curse the Lindens out for some bug, or crash, or untimely sim restart…you should probably thank them instead.


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