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Some of the people that help make Second Life more interesting.

Passage of Time

Last night, a few comments from Danielle (as we engaged in some slow dancing at the family compound) caused me to take a look through my Calling Cards folder at some of the profiles of people in there, many of which I hadn’t seen or spoken to in awhile.  Perhaps Tateru’s post on Second Life Insider about profiles was something of a spur for this as well.  I wound up dumping a bunch of cards from people that I couldn’t really remember…but, in the process, I found out some interesting things.

For starters, some people in there simply weren’t in Second Life anymore.  Searching for their names under Search People yielded null results.  (And no, I don’t think Search People is broken; I found any number of obscure names by using it.)  The roll of the vanished includes Chris Ellsworth (unsurprising, given the fact of his RL self’s passing), my former business partner Valorna Edgeworth and her sister Raine Drakes, former employee and best-man-designate at my wedding 167mamba Au, and, most surprisingly, Keeva Hayek and her partner Woodie Taft.  Keeva was my first dance partner in Second Life, she was maid of honor at our wedding (Woodie was a groomsman as well), and I still have a copy of their wedding invitation in my inventory someplace.  (I wasn’t able to make the ceremony, damn it, because I was in RL at the time, driving back from Durango.)  I still feel sentimental about her, and I hope the two of them are OK.

Aside from that, some of my earliest calling cards are a little surprising.  Rose Bradley, who I met early on at The Shelter, now seems to have taken up a master-slave relationship.  Shawna Montgomery, head of one of the first groups I joined, the Science Fiction Rangers, has now bought her own island.  (Lucky her!)  Clutch Carson, who I recall when he was still a budding artiste, is now not only an accomplished one, but a land-rental baron, and is married in SL as well.  And so forth.

“Well I am still here for you Erbo,” said Danielle as I marveled over these changes.

“I know, Love. And I am here for you,” I assured her, which caused her to respond, “YAY!”

SL is, by its very nature, an inconstant thing; there are any number of sights that I recall seeing or have heard tell of that I will never see again.  Now I see that there are people I will never see again as well.  In some respects, it’s disquieting, but there are only two things you can do about it; you can embrace the change, continually following the new, and you can do your best to create a little pocket of stability for yourself and the people you care about within the world.  I’m doing my best at both of these.

“Change is not merely necessary to life — IT IS LIFE.”Alvin Toffler



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A Fighting Avatar

I was fortunate enough to encounter AllieKat Stovall in-world last night. It was very good to see her. She’s a longtime friend, and someone I used to go dancing with a lot; she was my most-recent steady dance partner prior to Danielle, in fact.

For those that don’t know, Allie is a Lieutenant Commander in the US Naval Reserve, an aviator. Recently, she and her unit were deployed somewhere in Afghanistan. She’s had some harrowing experiences there, including a recent episode in which a jihadi (a member of a group that had possibly deployed an explosive device near their base) was sent back to Allah by her hand. Not long thereafter, she was able to finagle access to a buddy’s computer long enough to get in-world, where she IM’d me. I teleported over to her location and gave her a big hug (thank you, Maura and Phil; that Deluxe Hug & Kiss Attachment works well). I think she needed it; she certainly appreciated it.

In general, I try and keep RL politics out of my SL blog; anyone who wants to find out where I stand can just visit EMinds and go to the “Speaker’s Corner” conference, where they’ll get an earful and then some. But I will say that I heartily approve of, applaud, and find no fault with Allie’s actions here; she acted quickly, decisively, and correctly to answer the threat. (Fortunately, she was not injured, but two security personnel were, and I pray for their swift recovery. On the other side, a total of four jihadis died of acute indigestion, absorbing too much lead on an empty stomach.) In sheer pragmatic terms, the person she dispatched will never hurt or kill anyone again, and neither will his three fellows…and I’m under no illusion that they would not have done so if given the opportunity. I do hope that her actions don’t wind up scrutinized to death by a bunch of REMFs* with law degrees and bleeding hearts…

I am worried about the other situation she describes, too, in which a plane and crew were lost. I hope for their safe return, but, after all this time, I know it’s probably unlikely. I just hope they don’t wind up being beheaded on a videotape that turns up on al-Jazeera and the Internet.

I sent her some pictures of us from my EMinds archive, as well as a couple of MP3 tracks taken from my live set last Saturday. Hopefully, they’ll act as a morale booster. If you want to contact her as well, our mutual friend Akela has her GMail address. I’m sure she’d appreciate people saying “hi,” sending her a little slice of home, or just offering their thanks.

And that’s what I’m going to do here, publically. Thank you, Allie, for fighting these bastards that would seek to kill or enslave us all. The work you do is vital to the security, not merely of the USA, but of Western civilization as a whole. Stay safe, and come back to us when you can. Godspeed.

* – Any military person, or anyone that knows military people, will recognize this acronym for “Rear Echelon…”


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And the Blogroll Goes Marching On

For a long time, Mera had an entry in her blogroll for Jacek Antonelli that was just “http:///” (obviously, not a valid URL). I’d look at that and wonder when Jacek was going to get his own blog. Well, now he has, and, following the lead of Alexander Lapointe, I’ve added him to the Evans Avenue Exit blogroll.

Jacek is definitely a colorful character among the Shelter denizens. His tag of “The Colorful Cubist” comes from a couple of different sources…for one, he has this “cubist” avatar that’s a sight to see, and, for another, he’s one of the few people to be enshrined as the name of a color, at least according to Salvador Dalgleish, the Shelter’s elephant with real-time setcolor. (The color “jacek,” as implemented by Sal, is a dark maroon. When his color script is on, people saying “Hi Jacek!” or “Bye Jacek!” in his vicinity will cause him to turn that color.)

One of Jacek’s entertaining exploits was about a month ago, when he and Reina Quine showed up at the Shelter’s formal ball cross-dressed. “Princess Jaceka” proved to be a big hit with the crowd, and many of the men present took a turn around the dance floor with “her.” (Including me–of which I have photographic evidence. I do try to be a good sport, y’know…)

So welcome, Jacek, to the blogroll. His blog is called If I Ruled The Grid, and deals with issues he has with Second Life that he’d do differently. It’s decidedly worth your time.

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Change Changing Places, Root Yourself To The Ground

Since the wedding, things have reorganized and changed a lot in my Second Life. I’ll try to summarize.

First, I am now pretty much out of the Spira Enterprises project. Val is teaming up with Mamba and Zoey to run the Cutlass Club, and I’m staying in as “silent partner” and ex officio adviser…but not actually doing anything. It was just turning into too much of a money sink and drama situation, and never drew the crowds we hoped.

In place of that, Danielle and I have a new gig at Soulmates, two nights a week, trading off event hosting and DJ’ing. Eye Dangle and Linda Bobbysocks know how to run a good club, and they have the kind of resources we never did to do the job right. I’m looking forward to joining the Soulmates rotation on Wednesdays and Fridays. “Dr. Feelgood” is being retired, as I need a different persona for the Soulmates environment. But I might still do an occasional guest DJ spot at Cutlass from time to time…

Finally, Danielle and I have consolidated operations on Sunset Island, selling off her store holdings in Seopophang and the New Roma estate in Yangpa. We now have a big home in Sunset City, and the store is located in South Sunset…and is friggin’ HUGE! We’re renting out part of it, and using part of it as a photo studio, too. It makes me a little sad to leave our old home behind…but the new neighborhood is a lot better. Reminds me of California a bit…

And we have some artwork displayed at the store…artwork by Torley Linden, no less. And the best part was…Torley herself came to see it and take pictures, and we were there! Danielle nearly fainted…but Torley was gracious, and we enjoyed entertaining the “Tollie,” Molyenka, and her Watermelewe.

This arrangement will give me more time for working on building, scripting, photography, and similar pursuits…and it’ll give us more time together, something we definitely need. So, overall, not a bad tradeoff.

More when I know more, as usual.


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Welcome To The Blogroll, Padre

Danielle discovered that Triste Bertrand has a blog as well…in fact, he has two blogs, one for his Second Life and another for his First Life. Both have been added to the Evans Avenue Exit blogroll.

Triste is a very nice guy, and is a minister in RL. I would have liked it if he’d been able to step in and do our wedding when our first minister flaked on us, except he’s never done any weddings and didn’t study how to do that part. (Instead, Eye Dangle, one of the owners of Soulmates, did the honors…he’s also a minister in RL, and has performed any number of SL weddings.) He also had some good things to say at Chris Ellsworth’s memorial service, which is where I snapped this picture of him. That’s why he’s listed as “The Shelter’s Own Father Mulcahy,” because, in his personality and spirituality, he closely resembles the chaplain of the 4077th in the TV series M*A*S*H. (Incidentally, I have met William Christopher in RL…and his personality is almost exactly like that of Father Mulcahy. So, Triste, I’m paying you a compliment.)


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Quickie Note

Due to the events of the day, as detailed previously, we’re in Short Shrift mode here. But I did want to comment briefly on one comment made by Shockwave Plasma to said previous post:

I thought the wedding invite was beautiful, I put it in one corner to admire, when I accidently pushed it though the wall 😦

Luckily the persons who roof it fell on thought it was very nice as well.

Heh. Only in Second Life…

Incidentally, a coworker of mine has taken the plunge and joined us in-world. If you see Edward Tal walking around in a bit of a daze, be sure and give him a nice welcome to SL.

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The Lindens. You’ve all heard of them; they’re the folks who built Second Life and keep it running so we all have our world in which to build, chat, script, shop, dance, and generally have a good time. And they sometimes visit it themselves…but they can be deucedly hard to find when they do.

In my two-and-a-half months in SL, I’ve laid eyes on maybe four or five Lindens. Granted, I’m never on during the working hours when (presumably) more of them come in, because those are my working hours, too. (And I don’t have any machines at work under my control that could run Second Life…and my boss would probably eviscerate me for trying. Heck, he throws shit-fits just at seeing a Web browser open on my screen to something like GMail, EMinds, or whatever…)

The one I spot most often seems to be Teeple, who, I gather, is a big friend of The Shelter. I’ve seen him show up during the pool party a couple of times (and once spend some time kicking back with Travis in the pool), and he seems to like to peek in on the weekly formal (AKA the “Isabel sim stress-test”) to see all the attendees in their finery. That’s where I captured this snapshot of him, for instance. Aside from him, I was once at an author appearance in-world, sponsored in part by the Science Fiction Rangers, where Pathfinder showed up, and I’ve glimpsed one or two others around the Welcome Area at Ahern, back when I used to bounce over there more frequently.

And then, of course, there’s Torley, with whom I actually corresponded over on her blog before we met in-world. That meeting was facilitated by Mera Pixel, who, a couple of days before the SL Third Birthday event, offered me a TP over to the area with the Vault. And there she was…with her synth slung over her back and her cat Molyenka draped across her front. We both gushed; I said, “Torley! How nice to finally meet you in person!”, and she said, “ERBO!!!!!!!!” Boy, did that make me feel welcome! 🙂 The picture at left, taken from Torley’s Flickr gallery, is photographic evidence of that meeting. I have highlighted our relative positions. (Original here.) Other high-powered people were there, too, but I didn’t speak to any of them at length…

Danielle has been jealous of the few Linden’s I’ve managed to spot. But just recently, she stole a march on me, by meeting, not just any Linden, but the Head Linden Hisself! Seems Phillip decided to drop in on The Shelter, and, thanks to some good fortune and a timely IM to the Shelter group channel by Reina Quine, Danielle was standing face to face with the in-world presence of Linden Labs’ CEO. (Who, from appearences in the photo accomanying her blog post, is much shorter than I’d expected.)

What would I have said to Phillip if I’d been there? Probably a big, heartfelt “Thank you,” for one thing. After all, had it not been for his initial vision, there would be no SL. And I suppose I’d say the same to any of the developers I managed to spot. (Besides that, I’d want to pump them for info about the architecture and the setup of the servers. I have a professional interest in clustered systems.) Keep this in mind next time you’re inclined to curse the Lindens out for some bug, or crash, or untimely sim restart…you should probably thank them instead.


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