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One Door Closes, Another Opens

Well, turns out you can’t keep a club owner down…and when Samaria, my daughter as well as Danielle’s, got a wild idea and some land to build it on, I threw my support behind the idea. And the idea has a name: “The Insurrection Alley.”

It’s a smaller venue than the Gin Rummy was, making it easier to communicate in. We also don’t have as many employees; right now, only the two of us are working there (filling the DJ and host roles), plus we’ve enlisted the ever-popular DJ Damonic for one night a week. We’re open four nights a week (Friday through Monday), during the 8-10 PM slot; Samaria has Friday and Sunday nights DJing, I’m on Saturdays, and Damonic on Mondays. We also don’t need a lot of complicated crap like an intranet site (yet). The end result is a venue that should be more sustainable than the GR was…and, more importantly, it’s fun again. Make sure and check out The Insurrection Alley…where the main rule is, you must have a good time!

Danielle and I are very proud of Samaria for getting this all set up and working.  She’s a credit to the family.



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