About Erbo

Erbo Evans - Picture

Erbo Evans first rezzed into the Second Life® virtual world on May 21, 2006. Since then, he has been involved in a variety of activities. He was one of the founders of the Cutlass Club in Seopophang, and later became involved with Don’t Panic! Designs (originally of Seopophang, then of South Sunset), The Gin Rummy (of various locations, lastly in Joie), and The Insurrection Alley. He has engaged in building, scripting, clothing design, and a variety of community activities while in the Second Life virtual world. He has also been a club DJ (under the names “Dr. Feelgood,” “Erbo,” and most recently “DJ CoolJ”), and also a live music performer at The Gin Rummy.

He met his first SL spouse, Danielle Ferguson, at The Shelter. They were married in an in-world ceremony at Wedding Belles in Cameo on August 17, 2006. Their first daughter, Alia Ferguson-Evans (later known as Samaria Martynov), was born on September 12, 2006. The couple has several additional children, Piook Enzo, Lillindrial Kamachi, and Alexzandria Aeon (CEO/Supreme Dictator of LexxCore and owner of Lexxotica).  After they amicably unpartnered, Erbo became romantically involved with Selenalore Michigan, and they acquired a number of other children, grandchildren, and relatives. The Evans family presently resides in an undisclosed location.

His blog, Evans Avenue Exit, was founded on July 25, 2006, and features writings on diverse topics within Second Life. It has occasionally been embroiled in minor controversy.

In real life, he is a software engineer in Denver, Colorado, where he lives with the RL person behind Selenalore and their cat, Penny.

See also his profile in the Second Life Insider blog, September 22, 2006.


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