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Announcements of new products available for purchase. Ain’t no lie; buy, buy, buy!

The First Commercial Announcement

After some doing, I am pleased to announce the first two Erbosoft products are now available for purchase! Both are available from my brand-new vendor at Don’t Panic Designs in South Sunset, as well as via SLExchange and SLBoutique.

Erbosoft Distributed Music Changer AdThe first product for sale is the Erbosoft Distributed Music Changer Mk.I, to which I have already alluded in an earlier post. It’s ideally suited for large homes, businesses, and clubs that need to switch between music URLs on their parcel. Here, again, I outline some of the features of this fine system:

  • Distributed operation – many “terminals” can operate off the same “master component.” Use one to change the station, they all change at the same time. Ideal for larger houses, businesses, and clubs! (3 terminals included with system, of various sizes, all copyable so you can install as many as you like.)
  • Pre-program up to 12 stations, complete with custom textures to display on the terminals when the stations are selected. Additional textures can be added.
  • Manual override mode – speak a URL over a private channel to cause the changer to select the URL. Great for “guest DJs”!
  • Usable on group land, thanks to the included “slave tuner component.”
  • Easy dialog interface for selecting stations.
  • Owner and group security options.

Erbografix Windows Builder’s Pack AdSecondly, I am also offering the Erbografix Windows Builder’s Pack. (Don’t blame me for the name; Danielle used it as a “feature” in some of her homes, and now I’m stuck with it. 🙂 ) This is a package of 4 different windows, ranging from 1.1 meters square up through 4.4×1.1 meters, with built in privacy screening, activated by touch and dialog. The windows are mod/copy/transfer, so you can use them in your own building projects (though please, do not resell them separately).

Check back here often, as I have some more projects brewing for release under the “Erbosoft” brand, to be distributed exclusively through Don’t Panic! Designs.


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